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I gravitated to art very organically through love of nature and observing the beauty of my surroundings.  Living as a farmer in Alberta, I developed an appreciation for the changes of seasons, noticing and marveling at the different hues and impressions of the environment before me. As I traveled to different locations within this wonderful world and became more inspired with shades, color, and texture.
I first started as a napkin doodler, and then a sketcher. I discovered pleasure of creating. Wanting to capture visions both actual and imaginative, I started painting landscapes.  With acrylic paint, scenes of wilderness and rural life turned into a visual on a canvas. Eventually graduating to the use of other techniques and learning how to incorporate other elements into my paintings.
The realistic style was rewarding; however, abstract art grabbed my heart strings as well.  Experimenting with techniques, blends of colors became very fulfilling for my soul as had landscapes, doodling, and sketching.  The reaction of others to my art both surprised, and delighted me.  People have unique responses and feel connected to certain pieces.
Navigating between and exploring many mediums has brought me closer to achieving what I observe and feel from the natural world and to share it with people through art.

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